Age-Doctor Medical & Healthcare Center, Boao, Hainan

The project is dedicated to bringing the unforgettable experience of the perfect combination of health preservation and vacation for customers. It can be understood as a theme resort hotel. While customers enjoy the high standard service of five-star hotels, healthcare is a characteristic service provided by the hotel. This is in line with the latest trend in the design of international medical institutions: "In the past, the design of medical institutions focused on providing better support to the medical team, rather than on the actual needs of patients." (Concluding remarks by SCOTT HABJAN, chairman of the 2015 AIA NATIONAL HEALTHCARE Design AWARDS and deputy director of SOM) show that the design of future-oriented health care institutions will pay more attention to the personal experience of customers.        

The main compound and the courtyard it surounded provides green, environmentally friendly and metabolic physical space for medical institutions of membership system, and provides members with an open and free recreational environment. Members enjoy the service of cell genome, meta-cells, Adipose mesenchymal stem cells, beauty and other comprehensive high-end biological health beautiful medical technology. The Age-Doctor Medical & Healthcare Center will not be a traditional medical institution, but a resort, which can reshape the quiet place of nature and human beings.

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Age-Doctor Medical & Healthcare Center, Boao, Hainan


Hotel + vacation



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海南省优秀工程勘察设计奖/Hainan Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award

KKL Partnership Architects