Artist-in-Residence Project, Yinchuan, Ningxia


The artist village is located in Yinchuan, which is known as the south of the Yangtze River. Together with Yinchuan Contemporary Art Museum, sculpture park and fish pond wetland, it forms the "Huaxia River Art town". The flow line of the art gallery is smooth, the whole body is white, pure and soft; The artist village is square and neat, simple and honest, grand and masculine. The two buildings, one rigid and one soft, have distinct personalities on the Bank of Yangjia lake.


We hope to build the artist village into an open architectural group, which not only provides a space for artists from all over the world to create, but also provides a public platform for the public to visit, leisure, sightseeing and participate in artistic activities.


Amphitheaters, public courtyards, viewing platforms, roof balconies and other places make art closer to the public, increase more opportunities for interaction between citizens and artists, and create a large public art park for citizens to enjoy art and participate in art creation activities.


The internal functions required by the owner are quite complicated, including: artist creation room, exhibition gallery, processing workshop, management office, logistics, kitchen, warehouse unloading; Art commodity street, art collection and restoration room; Indoor multi-function hall, restaurant, coffee shop and so on. The interweaving of functions and streamlines with different attributes requires us to make full use of the site and make rational use of the three-dimensional transportation system; The sense of rhythm of the neighboring villages brings us inspiration: the design finally chooses the grid layout of high and low, so as to achieve complete function and smooth streamline.


Yinchuan has a dry climate with little rain, strong wind and sand, large temperature difference between day and night, strong sunshine in the sun, and cool and pleasant shade. Therefore, veranda, overhead space and high courtyard wall are very necessary space elements. In the design, we extract the architectural elements of local houses, forming the form motif of round arch and square window.

建筑外立面由120 万块回收旧砖砌筑,浑然一体,一气呵成。这些从全国各地回收的旧砖头,一方面可避免使用新砖对自然环境的破环和土地资源的浪费,另一方面对于外墙体的保温节能也有很大帮助。

The facade of the building is built with 1.2 million recycled old bricks, which are integrated and integrated. These old bricks recycled from all over the country, on the one hand, can avoid the use of new bricks on the natural environment and waste of land resources, on the other hand, it is also of great help to the thermal insulation and energy saving of external walls.


In the interweaving of "the desolation of the Northwest Loess Plateau and the lushness of Yangjia Lake", the Huaxia River map Artist Village, which grows together with nature, was quietly completed in 2015.

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Artist-in-Residence Project, Yinchuan, Ningxia


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