CCRC Healthcare Project of Jinhu Hot Spring Valley in Xiaotangshan, Changping, Beijing

南侧人工湖作为该社区外围的集中公共绿地,强化了生态景观的主导作用;养老社区作为人工湖的背景,强调了公园的边界和方位感。社区与人工湖之间设计布局宽阔连续的公共活动场所,供市民与社区居民使用。 沿湖设计布局连续的景观漫步道,沿岸种植高达乔木,营造舒适的室外游览环境。

The South Lake, as the concentrated public green space outside the community, strengthens the leading role of ecological landscape; As the background of the artificial lake, the pension community emphasizes the boundary and orientation of the park. A wide and continuous public activity belt is designed between the community and the lake for the use of citizens and community residents. A continuous landscape walk is designed and arranged along the lake, and tall trees are planted along the coast to create a comfortable outdoor sightseeing environment.


The architectural design adopts the organic form of curve undulation, and puts the medical facilities and public service functions underneath. The tortuous architectural form forms a fluctuating facade along the street, like cascading peaks, reflecting the ecological character of the community. Pension apartments are distributed on the side near the lake, and the fluctuation of height emphasizes the ecological theme of the scheme again. The pension apartments adopt tower-shaped design, and the stacked terraces and green plants form a vertical forest atmosphere.

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CCRC Healthcare Project of Jinhu Hot Spring Valley in Xiaotangshan, Changping, Beijing


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