A Resort Hotel in Jiuzhou, Anshun, Guizhou


The project is located in Jiuzhou Town, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, surrounded by Xingjiang river outside the city, with fertile land and rich products, enjoying the reputation of "little Jiangnan".


Anshun retains its unique Tunpu culture, which is a historical legacy of farming and war economy of Ming Dynasty. Here we can see the legacy of the Han nationality in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas of the Ming Dynasty 600 years ago.


The landscape resources around the site are just common ones. The south side is mountainous landscape, and some houses are scattered. The north side is planting fields and built parking lots, and there are high-voltage lines passing through. The west side is the village. The east side is adjacent to the tourist center, the central square, and the amorous feelings commercial street; The surrounding landscape resources do not have a great advantage, so we have to create high-quality inner landscape inside the hotel.


Court and courtyard
The project introduces the spatial characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture, forms a series of courtyards with different spatial characteristics at functional interface level, integrates the corresponding courtyard landscape according to the properties of each group, and strengthens the courtyard space feeling of cordial and pleasant, each with its own characteristics.


Li Ting - main entrance space
The central axis of the project is composed of the ritual court and the ritual square. As the public courtyard and the main entrance space of the project, through the formation of white walls and wood colonnades, combined with the layers of landscape, the strong sense of entrance ceremony is created. Tourists seem to be baptized here.


Planning structure
The planning layout is based on three different functional areas: public area, guest room area and spa area. Two landscape axis organization: Catering and banquet, logistics, guest room area and spa; The banquet hall is placed in the northeast corner of the best display surface of the plot, and the Chinese restaurant and teahouse are on the other side of the lobby; The area with the best mountain landscape is equipped with luxury guest rooms, and the spa area is relatively independent in a quiet and private area.

Project Name

A Resort Hotel in Jiuzhou, Anshun, Guizhou


Hotel + vacation



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