Relaxing Mansion Community, Beijing


The project of Chaofeng villa is located in the south slope of Fengshan, Changping, which is a typical mountain villa. Beautiful Fengshan block the cold flow from north. The adjacent Shisanling reservoir adds moist elements to the air, forming a unique small environment climate of warm winter and cool summer. The project is arranged in a staggered manner according to the natural gentle slope and terrain. A villa can be seen by windows, mountains, water and garden scenery. The landscape view is rich at medium and near levels, which shapes the landscape level of home which is difficult to find elsewhere.

建筑的道,体现在规划上,是建筑设计充分考虑与山体地势的协调,南采阳光,北观山景。观山别墅,倡导人与自然的和谐统一。保证私密性的同时强调空间的无限沟通 ,满足亲近自然的愿望。

The "Tao" of architecture, reflected in the planning, is the architectural design fully considering the coordination with the terrain of the mountain, taking sunshine in the South and viewing the mountain scenery in the north. The villas advocates the harmonious unity between man and nature. While ensuring privacy, we should emphasize the infinite communication of space and meet the desire to be close to nature.


The overall facade design of the building adopts the modern geometric composition technique, uses the virtual and real materials, the cool and warm tone, and combines the "Garden in the air" between the buildings to form the unique simplicity and fashion of the building. Taking advantage of the form changing of balcony and windows, the layer line, window line interpenetration, create a rich facade effect. Facade design, color treatment and the natural environment of the building correspond with each other, and coexist harmoniously.


This kind of natural growth building is not only integrated into natural form, but also integrated with natural environment in material composition. The mountain stone wall, ceramic tile roof, log ceiling, solid wood doors and windows all fully expressed respect for the environment and showed the most simple architectural image. Lao Tzu said great sound is hard to hear. The great form has no shape.


The spatial structure of architecture is the embodiment of the coordination relationship between the trees and the mountains. Building grows in nature, which makes it impossible to distinguish which is nature and which is architecture. Like a Chinese traditional painting, reflects the idea of the unity of heaven and man.

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Relaxing Mansion Community, Beijing


High-end residence



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北京市优秀工程设计奖/Beijing Excellent Engineering Design Award

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