Sanchuan Jiulongtai Community, Nanyang, Henan

The courtyard layout of highrises creates a inner grand central green landscape. The elevation of central courtyard is 1.1m higher than that of the municipal road. This kind of "platform" design which is similar to the traditional chinese official building can enhance the quality and external image of the community, actively deduce people's way of returning home rich and respectful, and strengthen the sense of belonging and ritual of the residents in the residential area. The inner courtyard combines sketches, sculptures and residential activities to create a leisure and healthy outdoor walking environment, while the sunken inner courtyard provides lighting and ventilation for the garage, at the same time, it adds changes in the form of the inner green space. Both inside and outside large area greening correspond to each other, providing a good visual environment for each building. Large-scale open green space adapts to the rhythm of modern metropolitan and has the urban characteristics. The inner central green space emphasizes life and privacy. The inner landscape is exquisite and friendly, and has the leisure quality of "slow life". 

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Sanchuan Jiulongtai Community, Nanyang, Henan


High-end residence



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KKL Partnership Architects