Service Apartment of Datang International Inc., Sanya, Hainan

大唐集团三亚总部基地服务公寓建筑紧邻总部办公大楼,是大唐服务海外业务员工的基地。规划设计以“绿色港湾”为主题,通过对建设用地的仔细分析采用了围合式布局,并针对周边不同的资源特点将建筑物进行了高低错落的形式与功能组织,力求整个建筑群可以获得最优的海景资源与最亲切的中央园林景观资源,为大唐集团海外出征的将士打造温馨的港湾。建筑物造型追求公建化,强调简洁大气的设计语言,符合阳光海岸片区的CBD 商务城市风貌及城市设计精细化导则的各项要求,并在经济安全的条件下布局了大量的露台绿植和顶层泳池,为入住的客人提供随处可见的自然接触,以室内外景色互联的居住环境营造宜人的热带居住综合体。公寓内共设计三种居住户型,采用单元式的设计方法形成居住模块,有利于根据功能发展的需求灵活的组合产品比例,便于采用装配式建造,并在保证整体经济合理的情况下实现具有标志性的造型效果。

The service apartment building of Sanya headquarters base of Datang Group is adjacent to the headquarters office building, and it is the base for Datang to serve overseas business staff. The planning and design takes "green harbor" as the theme, through the careful analysis of the construction land, adopts the enclosed layout, and organizes the buildings in the form and function of the staggered height and low according to the different resource characteristics around, so as to achieve the best sea view resources and the most cordial Central garden landscape resources for the whole building group, To create a warm harbor for the generals who are going abroad by Datang Group. The building design pursues public construction, emphasizes the concise and atmospheric design language, meets the requirements of CBD business city style and refined urban design guidelines in sunshine coastal area, and has arranged a large number of terrace green plants and top-level swimming pools under the condition of economic safety, so as to provide the visitors with natural contact everywhere, The residential environment with indoor and outdoor scenery is used to create a pleasant tropical residential complex. There are three types of residential apartment in the apartment. The unit design method is used to form the residential module, which is conducive to the flexible proportion of combined products according to the demand of functional development, easy to use assembly type construction, and achieve the landmark effect under the condition of ensuring the overall economy is reasonable.

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Service Apartment of Datang International Inc., Sanya, Hainan


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国际竞赛一等奖/ 1st Prize of International Design Competion

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