Planning for the North block of Universal Studios, Beijing


The theme park of Universal Studios has a very clear and strong theme IP positioning. Through years of development it has formed an independent customer target and operation development mode, which is conducive to its growth for the theme park itself, but for its entire city area, It is very easy to form an "economic island" with theme park as the core, so that the energy it creates and accommodates is trapped in a certain range, and it can not play any driving role around the city, or even produce a negative effect, which is often called "island effect". For the Universal Studios theme park located in the central area of Beijing's future development, if this islanding effect is generated, it will be a very negative factor for the development of the whole city. So in this sense, the 1km2 site on the north side is particularly important. As the only link between the theme park of Universal Studios and the Beijing sub center, the core strategic significance of the 1km2 land in the north lies in how to integrate the energy of theme park with the development of cities through rational planning and planning, and curb its "isolated island effect" and turn into a "Peninsula effect" to drive the overall development of the region. This is also the core problem to be solved in this planning.


Through the research and sorting out the core objectives, strategic significance and existing problems of the project, the main problem in the planning and spatial planning of the project is "barrier", including the barrier between industrial content and space connection. This barrier is one of the reasons for the easy "island effect" of Universal Studios theme Park. It needs to be solved in the planning and planning process of 1 km2 land in the north.


The most direct way to solve the barrier is to "connect". Through detailed research and planning at both the content and space levels, we use multi-level means to eliminate the existing barriers, and continue to carry out continuous design to enhance the connection effect, turn the adverse factors into favorable factors, so as to completely realize the transformation from "island effect" to "Peninsula effect", This is also the biggest embodiment of the core value of the project.

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Planning for the North block of Universal Studios, Beijing


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