Relocation Project of ethnic minority villagers of Fugong, Yunnan


The site is divided into three terraces from west to East. Gullies, steep slopes and high-voltage corridors outline the construction site and match the capacity of four resettlement groups: the first level platform is used to resettle people in different places, the second level platform is used to resettle people in “the beautiful highway”, and the third level platform is used to resettle people in related institutions;


Based on the principle of mountain orientation and scattered height, the multi-storey apartment buildings with 5-8 floors are taken as the basic group, enclosing the streets and alleys close to human scale. The 18 storey small high-rise houses are arranged at the position where other houses are not sheltered, forming a landmark with strong identifiability and enriching the urban skyline;

整体采用五横六纵的规划体系,将自然和人文环境融为一体, 并在纵横交错间形成城市广场、公共地标建筑群,为各族人民日常交往,文化活动,节日庆典提供充足的空间场所。文化广场及周边的博物馆、展览馆、图书馆把傈僳文化代代相传;京江桥头的篮球场及体育馆将承办怒江州传统篮球赛事及民族服饰展演,同时兼顾学校使用;商业街、集贸市场为居民提供日常所需并解决大量就业;九年制学校及幼儿园担负着培养各民族未来精英的重要使命; 长途车站让大山里的人们走出深山,走向世界。

The overall planning system of five horizontal and six vertical is adopted to integrate the natural and cultural environment, and form urban squares and public landmark buildings crisscross, providing sufficient space for people's daily communication, cultural activities and festivals. Lisu culture is handed down from generation to generation in the cultural square and its surrounding museums, exhibition halls and libraries; The basketball court and gymnasium at the head of Jingjiang bridge will host the traditional basketball games and national costumes performances in Nujiang Prefecture, taking into account the use of schools; Commercial streets and markets provide residents with daily needs and a large number of jobs; Nine year schools and kindergartens shoulder the important mission of cultivating future elites of all nationalities; The long-distance station allows people in the mountains to walk out of the mountains and go to the world.

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Relocation Project of ethnic minority villagers of Fugong, Yunnan


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