Headquarter of Huarun Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Business Co.ltd, Beijing


Headquarter of Huarun Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Business Co.ltd is located in Wangjing area of Beijing, adjacent to the Fifth Ring Road in the north, with a total construction area of 37000 m2 and a height limit of 45m. As the headquarters building of listed central enterprises, its functional requirements are pharmaceutical office complex building, which integrates scientific research, administrative office, training, meeting and staff activities, and it should be comfortable, energy-saving and environmental protection. One of the key problems to be solved in the planning is to deal with the relationship between the sharp corner of the original shuttle shaped scientific research building and the new headquarters building. The complete space sequence between the headquarters building and the original scientific research building and the new gymnasium also creates the unique place characteristics of the whole science and technology park. The building is organically integrated by the horizontal corridor. The corridor is elevated, which divides the space without blocking the ground connection.


The north of the headquarters building takes the rich green space as the flexible boundary, and integrates with the urban green belt to build a green barrier, so as to minimize the interference of the urban traffic trunk road on the building. Through the overall planning and design, we have incorporated the current scientific research building and animal building into the new park space created by the headquarters building. The new and old buildings have achieved unity, connection and dialogue in function and form. The continuous greening system and flowing landscape space break the stereotyped mode of building as the interface, and the ingenious setting of landscape sight corridor and landscape node promotes the integration of internal and external landscape, so as to achieve the perfect combination of architecture and environment, especially the city image along Wangjing North Road and Lize East Road, which is like an open "City Park".


The main building adopts broken line volume. The solid "rock" volume on both sides encloses the central diamond shaped glass atrium. The internal double atrium fully introduces natural light. The two floors are separated by glass floors. The lower floor has natural lighting. The upper floor naturally discharges the heat generated by the greenhouse effect through the tight structure on the top.


Due to the limited height conditions in the planning, it puts forward requirements for the construction of low center of gravity architectural modeling. The crystal four seasons garden on the central roof of the building not only provides a comfortable activity space for the reception center, but also forms a highlight in the shape of Wangjing area and the Fifth Ring Road, which attracts the attention of the audience and improves the identifiability of the building, Make the whole building shine in the day and night, like a bright gem on Wangjing necklace. The facade of the building is mainly made of light colored stone, which not only echoes the environment, but also expresses the clean and efficient impression of pharmaceutical enterprises.

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Headquarter of Huarun Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Business Co.ltd, Beijing





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