Revitalization of Zone of San jian fang Industrial Heritage


Beijing Maolong cultural industrial park is located in the northeast of Dingfuzhuang media corridor, Chaoyang District, Beijing, covering an area of 12 hectares. In order to ease the general manufacturing and storage functions of non capital functions, make full use of the existing 80000 square meters of art library to invest in the transformation and upgrading of urban function products, add 100000 square meters of multi-storey compound functional housing under the reasonable conditions of land capacity, and retain the factory buildings, water towers and corridors with industrial heritage value in the park, We will upgrade to a new layout of cultural innovation and cultural innovation and cultural leisure industry that match the regional development, and retain and inherit the city memory. Organize the public access roads in the park, and strengthen the vitality of pedestrian streets. Break the closed wall of the factory, increase living roads, and improve the permeability and microcirculation ability of the park itself and the surrounding blocks. As the cultural center of the future urban area, add gardens with convenient access and pleasant environment and squares with different forms to gather popularity. Build a coherent and accessible public space system, add cultural centers, museums and other public service facilities at the junction of the system, supplement the short board function, promote the full coverage of basic public services, and build the district into an output point of culture and vitality in Dingfuzhuang media corridor series projects.

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Revitalization of Zone of San jian fang Industrial Heritage


city renovation



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